Student Safety

The safety of all students in Spotsylvania County Public Schools is of paramount importance.  We have taken all steps to ensure that students have the ability to use the Google Apps tools while minimizing risks.

Because of the difference in maturity levels, we have configured GApps in SCPS as follows:

  • Elementary school students will have an email account but are only able to email faculty and staff members within the county. No outside mail or mail from students is permitted. 
  • Middle school students are able to send email to any other GApps user - students and faculty - within SCPS.  Students are not able to send or receive email from outside addresses. 
  • High school students are able to send email to any email address either within SCPS or outside the county. 
  • By default, all GApps Primary calendars (students' personal calendars) are shared within SCPS. The default setting is that users within SCPS can only see free/busy information. Any user can change this so that others in the county can see all event details. This permits students to see when other students are free or busy to schedule activities.
    • Students also have the option to make their calendars public so those outside can see their event details.  The most they can display to the public on Primary calendars is free/busy information. 
  • Secondary calendars - Students can create secondary calendars. These calendars are not shared by default but can be shared within SCPS and publically.  Students can share event details on their secondary calendars to the public. This would facilitate the sharing of calendars with parents or guardians.  No-one outside the county can access a students' calendar unless the student shares it. 
Google Drive
  • Students can share documents outside SCPS but when they are sharing a document outside the district, they are given a warning pop-up message asking if they are sure they want to do this
  • Elementary and Middle School students can edit web pages and sites that have been created by their teacher (or other faculty member).  They are not permitted to create their own websites. 
  • High School students are permitted to create their own websites. 

COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

COPPA FAQ #Schools